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groom garb.

jon, here. "what to wear" is not something that often goes through my mind. i grab, i put on, i leave. i was tempted, in fact, to have amber pick out my suit for the wedding, but then i remembered that the shirt from our engagement shoot didn't fit me after we washed it...jon + urban-outfitters-slim doesn't exist. there's so much more out there than tuxes, fellas, so please please consider your options before you walk into men's warehouse. rule #1 is to buy, not rent. a tux can run $250-300, and you can get a sick outfit for that, or less, and wear it again whenever you're feeling like looking awesome. for our wedding, i chose to go the vest + pants route, but i really didn't capitalize on the potential the outfit had. enter: my shoulda-woulda-coulda of groom garb.

1. uo big w wayfarer reader, $14.  2. beads in the belfy personalized cuff links, $78.  3. steampunk supply vintage pocket watch, $36.  4. uo chambray tie, $19.  5. jcrew point-collar white dress shirt, $65. 6. jcrew italian wool pinstripe suit vest, $125.  7. jcrew italian wool pinstripe ludlow suit pant, $175.  8. uo solid pink sock, 3 for $20.  9. bed stu quarter oxford, $78.

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