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my weekend in photos.

from atlanta with my new, pipe-smoking friend billy, to the airport with my very patient husband and his whale tail, to the streets of dupont circle and its metro -- this is how i see things.

one smert chick.

alex, my couster (cousin + sister), graduated from rider university earlier this month with every award the college had to offer trailing behind her (magna cum laude included). i would list them off -- and blow your mind -- but i can’t even begin to remember them all. here are a few pics from that glorious weekend.


tails for whales.

i met up with a few members of ifaw yesterday to shoot the cover of their upcoming, much anticipated publication: a compilation of photos featuring people from all over flashing the whale tail. how does one do the whale tail, you ask? it’s easy! i’ll show you:

mmm krispy kreme...

arla albers, the artist formerly known as go-go the clown, painted the hands of four ifaw folks -- the end result was gorgeous. armed with four authentic-looking whale tails, we headed into dupont circle.

want to be famous? head to tails for whales and upload your own photo!


kasey + scott | married!

i felt lucky to document katie and steve’s wedding alongside studio juno’s leah stern earlier this month. not only is leah an incredible talent, but the bride and groom were an absolute pleasure to be around! the weather was ridiculous - hot and WINDY - but katie and steve just sipped a few beers and went with it. katie’s dress was AMAZING. and her SHOES - i have no words - i'm not even a shoe person and i was in love. steve - your bow tie was smokin.

katie and steve - i absolutely loved being a part of your day. congrats, friends!