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happy halloween! (almost)

still not sure what to be for halloween? here are some ideas:

a pizza. jon will show you:

david bowie.


corpse bride.

surfer guy...?

brigitte bardot.

a lamp.

harry potter.

a raison.

buddy holly.

frida kahlo.

a babushka.

joan jett.

block o' halloween (compliments of urban outfitters.)


1. hangover carlos tee, $24. 2. world's longest beard, $18. 3. monster sock, $8.
4. anna sui vivid lipstick, $25.  5.  holly readers, $14.  6. nyx special effect lashes, $10.
7. godzilla feet slippers, $44. 8. french maid costume tee, $32. 9. panda mask, $28.
10. penguin booty buddy, $68. 11. emergency clown nose, $11. 
12. vampire teeth double ring, $18.

for your listening pleasure | sebastien grainger + the mountains



anna + chris | engaged!


when anna mentioned she loved the madmen era, i was PSYCHED. and, i must say, she pulled the look off flawlessly from head to toe. and chris? not only did he bring his trombone along, he played it for us on the street! i must also add that he was pretty awesome about having red lipstick smeared across his face for the majority of the shoot. congrats guys! we see a mighty happy future for the two of you.

the story according to anna:

anna and chris met one fateful day in durham, north carolina through mutual friends while attending duke university. never ones to follow the usual path, they were both members of the campus’ only co-ed fraternity, which provided ample opportunities to get to know each other. naturally, anna was attracted to chris’ car before chris himself, but he didn’t mind waiting for her to come to her senses. by the time senior year came around, they were well on their way to a long and happy future together.

having grown up in kiev, ukraine before coming to america, anna was anxious to travel back to her home town after college. chris spent many years (unsuccessfully) attempting to learn russian, but with anna and her mother in tow, he managed to avoid any international incidents. schevchenko park in kiev offered a beautiful backdrop to a proposal that was much anticipated, perhaps more so by the future mother in law than the future bride. having spent the better part of the trip hiding the diamond ring in a mini altoid tin in his pocket, chris was happy to finally pop the question. anna spent a millisecond thinking it over before saying yes, and the rest was history.

dress: vintage anne klein
her shoes: calvin klein
hair: salon roche, washington dc
makeup: m-a-c, georgetown
suit + shirt: nordstrom
his shoes: bostonian

for your listening pleasure | lightning dust