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our wedding.

you are about to be inundated with my wedding photos. jon and i met at franklin and marshall - i was playing rugby and he was a sort-of mascot (the rugby team wasn't important enough to have a real mascot, or a real field for that matter, so jon just ran around and yelled a lot.) after 5 years, jon and i made it official on october 24th in hagerstown, md. much to my aunt's dismay, we danced down the aisle to '99 luftballons' (which i realize is actually a song about an impending apocalypse but i love it regardless, and it is hands down one of the best dancing songs ever.) these pictures were taken by my talented friend cicely of procopio photography.



a few more pics from london and italy:

that's his happy face. he lived on one of the vineyards we found while wandering around tuscany (not a bad place to be lost.)

at the roman baths.

a sweet kitty living in an outdoor sanctuary of florence. they have mini-houses, tons of food and water, and play all day. i still wanted to take him home. jon dissented.

i loved these alleys.

the husband. pretty much my view throughout the entire honeymoon. apparently my ADD wanderings slowed him down.

this both amazed and disturbed me.


london calling.

i’ve finally started sifting through the thousands of honeymoon photos i snapped during our honeymoon last november. i refused to leave the hotel without my camera glued to my face, and usually found myself lost, wandering down an alley with cool lighting (or a cat) -- jon loved that. i’ll post the good ones as i are a few of my initial faves.