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so i’m reading one of the most amazing books ever created: 3 cups of tea. i cried twice during the INTRODUCTION. not only is it a well-written and beautiful read, but the story itself is incredible. the book opens with greg mortenson’s failed attempt to climb k2 (the second highest mountain in the world) -- he’s exhausted, freezing, and lost. oh, and he’s ALONE. he eventually wanders into an impoverished village in pakistan and is struck by the kindness he receives. he vows to return and build a school. and he does. but he doesn’t just stop at one -- over the next 10 years, mortenson builds 55 schools and single-handedly shapes the lives of tens of thousands of children -- especially girls.

take it away, david: “illiterate high-altitude porters in pakistan’s karakoram have put down their packs to make paltry wages with him so their children can have the education they were forced to do without. a taxi driver who chanced to pick mortenson up at the islamabad airport sold his cab and became his fiercely dedicated “fixer.” former taliban fighters renounced violence and the oppression of women after meeting mortenson and went to work with him peacefully building schools for girls. he has drawn volunteers and admirers from every stratum of pakistan’s society and from all warring sects of islam.” BAM.

bottom line: you should read this book + greg mortenson is the shit.

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