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jcrew has some seriously drool-worthy wedding dresses this season:

on a budget? i am head over heals for these anthropologie finds. i looooove short wedding dresses! and polka dots? don't get me started. i think i might need to have another wedding.

let's not forget ETSY -- the bride-to-be's go-to source for anything + everything! check out these gorgeous vintage dresses by peppermint pretty + your fairytale wedding:

looking for something a little less mainstream? check out dc's vintage clothing + curiosvintageous, or email say yes (which sells vintage wedding + party dresses) -- all local vintage stores brimming with unique finds.


owl madness.

love owls as much as i do? here's a plethora of owl-themed awesomeness just for you.


urban is responsible for most of this, but how about those owl cupcakes by kitchen koala?  yes, please! i don't think i'd ever be able to actually eat them. they're just too pretty.

i'm so excited i could pee!

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margot + cliff | married!

i’ve known margot + cliff for a while. when margot asked us to shoot their wedding we were seriously psyched -- we knew this was not going to be just any party. and we were right.

the day started with hair + makeup at morgan gerard -- one of the friendliest salons i’ve ever been to, hands down. after margot + logan got beautified, we drove headfirst into the parking lot that was annapolis’ bay bridge. two bottles of water, a mix tape, and a bag of chips ahoy cookies later we arrived at the gorgeous (and blissfully air-conditioned) kent manor inn.

after a beautiful ceremony on the water, we booked it back to the COOOLD for some drinks and dancing. i have to say -- this reception had some of the best dancers i’ve ever seen. i brought my step stool (because i’m vertically challenged) and had the best view in the house of some serious robot-ing, swinging, and a dozen other moves that have yet to be named because they are just THAT awesome.

margot + cliff -- jon + i loved sweating our lives away with you. you are both such awesome people...and it just makes sense you’d merge your awesomeness in marriage. remember: “mawwiage, is what bwings us togeva today...”

venue: kent manor inn
wedding coordinator: melody browning with my historic events
hair + makeup: morgan gerard
florist: special touch floral design
ceremony music: suzan gunsalus + elgin perry
reception music: dan haas
caterer: ashley clough
dress: jcrew

i dare you not to dance.



eren + catherine | married!

omg. what. a. day. first of all, it was like a bajillion degrees out. i was having flashbacks of the outback. but i can honestly say eren + catherine couldn’t care less. catherine was super smiley and giggled whenever she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. eren + his groomsmen just wiped down with hankies + sipped from their beer steins -- the lid, they explained, kept the bugs from stealing their booze (the mark of a true irishman.)

the ceremony was gorgeous -- and complete with BAGPIPES. i know.
their intro was to social d’s “ring of fire” -- how cool is that? the reception was a blur of dropkick murphy’s, a rubber shark (you heard me), and a couple spilled drinks (which were promptly mopped up by a dancing guest.)

seriously guys -- you were an absolute delight to photograph. we loooooved sharing this day with you! you even got to witness a few of jon’s sweet moves -- which usually only occurs after a stiff drink...but i guess he was feeling saucy. who am i kidding? he’s always feeling saucy. thanks for being awesome, mr. + mrs. fry! shark attack.

music: dj brennan sullivan