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flowerless bouquets.

when jon + i were planning our wedding, flowers weren’t big on our to-do list. first, we were dancing down the aisle and i couldn't be bothered with a bouquet -- clearly, i needed both hands to bust a move. second, it just seemed like a ton of money for something you eventually throw away.

then jon’s mom showed me the hot pink arrangement she'd found in a wedding magazine. i was sold. i'm a fickle being.

the morning after our wedding, the flowers were drunkenly hung in our garage where i attempted to dry them. two weeks later we returned from our honeymoon to find my gorgeous bouquet a brown, crumbly mess. then we moved and they ended up in the garbage.

want a gorgeous bouquet that lasts longer than a week? check out these seriously gorgeous bouquet alternatives: 


amanda heer of fantasy floral designs is responsible for these beauties.

found this baby on etsy, by the talented hair bows wonderworld.

felt flowers? yes. by none other than megan hunt of princess lasertron.

how about a paper bouquet? the top one is made out of vintage sheet music!

check out this diy bouquet i found on 100 layer cake (mmm cake) made with anthropolgie knobs! they read my mind.



  1. i love this! The nice thing about alternatives to flowers, as well, is that they are green - no fertilizers, pesticides, or shipping from hawaii necessary :) Also, you can find cool ways to incorporate the elements from your bouquet into your wedding keepsakes, albums, etc, later on. Or.....maybe one day your daughter will carry your same bouquet ;P

  2. OMG you have me sold! I saw an articles on this a long time ago and totally forgot about it. i'm deff gonna browse etsy today. thanks for the inspiration! i wonder, do they do the same for matching boutonnieres? xo