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apartment living.

like most people in dc, we live in an apartment. but i’m a nester. so here’s the age-old problem -- how to make a place your own + homey when you know you have to move once the lease dings done. WELL here are 10 ways to make a place your own when you can’t paint, renovate (that rhymes), or spend a ridiculous amount of money.

1. see my last post on neil jeffery's decals

2. make your bed comfy cosy.

3.  music is a must.

4. adopt someone. seriously, there's nothing like coming home to my three furry kids.

5. decorate with things that make you happy. for me that's clearly beethoven's bust, sexy lady butts, and french bulldogs.

6. i love lamp.

7. plant things. i found these vintage planters on etsy

8. curtainize.

9. i love these shower curtains. in fact, we own #3.

10. no closet space? hooks + shelves are



  1. is MY line! hahaha, i love how one of the categories is "i love lamp." Also, you should make these as hyperlinks that go to the website directly instead of a little picture of the product. you can just highlight the picture, click "add link" and it will make it clickable.

  2. you're so smeeeert! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR FACE.