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we heart old town frederick. and jenn eppoliti.

last weekend we visited jenn -- a friend i met while nursing at the animal hospital what feels like ages ago. frederick's pretty rad and if it wasn't so far from dc we'd live there in a heartbeat. gorgeous historic architecture, comfy coffee shops, irish pubs with live music, tiny vintage shops...and you can pretty much bring your dog wherever you go which is a must for me. when we have a dog. one day.

anyway, jenn just finished her half sleeve so obviously that calls for pictures. and she has some of the cutest animals on the planet...exhibit a:

that's blue.

and here's jenn at cafe nola! (if you haven't been, go. and get the quiche of the day. YUM.)

pink hair = sunshine.

enter: classic electric. how i love tattoos.

hi joe! mmm chinese food.

jenn's apartment....19th century floors, soaring ceilings, CLAW FOOT TUB. the stuff of my dreams.

CHUNK! he's missing his cerebellum (the part of your brain that controls motor function) so he walks a bit funny...but he's amazing. and is obsessed with his momma. look at that face!

that's crackers. the last of the eppoliti clan. he's orange. and awesome.

<3 her tats.

the end.