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jenn + chris | anniversary shoot


we met jen and chris for the first time through their ridiculously adorable pooch, daphnie. we all lived in the same building last year and i ran into chris walking a miniature miss d around our apartment's "lawn" (a rando square of grass outside our building.) so of course i start talking to daphnie first (it's something i do) and chris just stands there like, who is this chick talking to my dog. eventually chris and i started chatting, we all became friends, and the rest is history. when jon and i moved to the city we sorta lost touch -- so when the two of them mentioned getting together for their 1 year anniversary shoot, i was psyched! these three are a super outdoorsy clan -- what better place to shoot than the stunning, snow-coated c+o canal?

chris + jen, you guys are so awesome and we loooooved this shoot. we especially loved chris' cartoon-falling "impression." happy 1 year to the raddest couple in rockville. xo

1 comment:

  1. OMG soooo cute!!! they look so happy, like newlyweds!!! you really captured the moment amber. =)