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you stay classy san diego. i’m ron burgundy?


i left snowy dc a few weeks ago for sunny, 80-degree san diego. but it gets better. once i got there, i was able to meet noa of feather love photography. and her stud of a cat, russia (diesel’s long-haired brother from another mother.) and her didgeridoo-playing husband, stuart. i’ve been in love with her work for ages, so you can imagine how psyched i was when i read about her workshop. 36 hours after landing in san diego, i left feeling completely inspired, with a renewed love for what i do. it wasn’t the late night dirty dance party that did it (although that helped), or the 45 minutes i’d slept in two days, or the fact that i boarded my plane home fully drunk. without shoes. it was watching someone do what they love, and do it well, without compromising an inch. she is exactly how she seems...and as a result, is one of the most successful alternative photographers out there. i spent the entire 6-7 hour, very turbulent and nauseating flight home filling the pages of my notebook with ideas.

here are a few pics (holga + digital) from our shoot with kristen and adorable couple with a beautiful home and a ridiculously cute dog, gus. it should surprise no one that i spent a great deal of this shoot loving him. hard.


  1. GREAT photos! I went to Noa's first workshop last summer, wasn't it the funnest thing? I'm sure you had fun, it was amazing.

  2. ps - how do you post songs from grooveshark onto blogger?? i've been wanting to do that forever!