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tis the season.

happy friday! we're really excited for two reasons: 1) we have a guest post on the adorable melissa's the loveliest day and 2) it's snowing!! it officially feels like the holidays. so pull up a chair, sip some tea, and check out melissa's gorgeous blog (she's got a knack for the awesome and unique and is easily one of the best wedding bloggers out there.) oh, and let us not forget the MIX O' XMAS we've compiled just for you.

london fog = my favorite snowy day drink. i had it for the first time a few weeks ago at politics and prose (an awesome independent bookstore on connecticut ave) but it's simple enough to make.

heat a mug-full of soy milk to nearly boiling
pop in an earl grey tea bag
throw in a few dabs of honey

it's a cozy, yummy, lactose-intolerant-friendly remedy for these grey winter mornings.

(photo via we <3 it)

and now, some tunes to sip/work/decorate to:

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