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morgan + stefan | engaged!

my turn to narrate (jon): it's been a few months since i saw morgan in the halls of ceb. the moment morgan + stefan stepped in front of the camera outside eatbar (their first date), i could tell they were made for each other. nervous about having a lens in their face for 2 hours, they laughed uncomfortably at first and then started laughing at each other. it wasn’t long before uncomfortable laughter became fun. stefan joked, “you’re lucky i like kissing you,” as amber cheered kiss! for the hundredth time and morgan teased him for not being able to resist the urge to pose for the camera. i swear, stefan, modeling is your calling.

being able to meet couples like morgan + stefan is what makes it easy + fun for me to tag along on amber’s shoots. thanks, you two, for letting me tag along and congrats on the engagement!

enjoy amber's sneak peek below!


  1. Amber! These are awesome!!!! You are so talented. Thanks for capturing these special moments for us - we will treasure them :)

  2. My cousin and future cousin are SO cute! I love the feet one where she is on her toes.