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jeff + danielle | engaged!

i’ve known jeff and danielle for a while, and am always amazed by their compatibility -- they just fit. so it was no surprise to me that -- when jeff threw out the idea of a mall photo shoot -- danielle was hands down on board. we started in macy’s -- danielle and jeff donned matching track suits and piggy-backed each other around the jeans section. i'm sure it's not hard to imagine we were spotted within minutes -- jeff overheard someone calling security. so we booked it. like teenagers. thankfully we devised a back-up plan for this very reason, so we headed to cabin john park and played on the playground. i hope you enjoy their sneak peak below -- they’re an entertaining pair.

french fry in the nose...and the mouth.

"porky the litter eater" was terrifying. he speaks to you in a horrifying, deep voice and tells you to put cans in his mouth. if you don't believe me, watch this video.


  1. What a cool idea, a department store!! Very creative :-)

  2. Heeehee - I love the little beagle who looks like he's about to fly away with those big ears :) Great shots Amber, as always!