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sam + kyle | engaged!


this comic-book-loving-pair met 7 years ago at an anime convention -- both dressed as bart, the pirate from xenogears. "so i guess our mutually ridiculous nerdiness brought us together," sam says. ha! how awesome is that? kyle's first impression? "sam had a cool confidence that made me want to know more about her, was genuinely friendly, and immediately gained my respect. also, she had really great hair, which is funny because she cut it off before we started dating.”

they did the long distance dance for a bit: "we lived a couple hundred miles apart; so even though he was the nicest guy i'd ever met, and i loved his smile, i didn't really see a relationship working out." as fate would have it, sam eventually headed to dc for school and the two moved in together after graduation. 5 years after their first date, kyle + sam kept the pirate theme alive with a trip to ocracoke -- famous for the resting place of blackbeard's loot AND NOW where kyle popped the question: "given our pirate-centric history, it was the perfect place for a proposal, and made the big-ass-pirate-treasure-souvenir-shop-glass-engagement-diamond that much more amazing." sam's not your typical diamon-ring-chick, so kyle found the most anti-dimaond ring he could manage.

we headed to the national zoo to play with prairie dogs, otters, and other fluffy blobs o' cute...then planted ourselves on connecticut ave for some reading. congrats you two! i really loved meeting you and talking scott pilgrim -- although jon was seriously jealous when i told him the first shoot he's missed in ages was with a pair of comic bookers and gamers.


  1. So cute and unique! I love the rim light shots - gorgeous sunlight and great use of it!

  2. I love how the shots with the fading sides make them look like they are the only two people in the world!