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pretty storage and other etsy finds.

so i've been on this dresser/chest kick lately. we need more storage (the 3 closets this place offers aren't quite cutting it) and what's better than PRETTY storage? enter: etsy. i found a few awesome dressers and some amazing non-storage stuff that i just had to share.

the general...$450.

grey dresser...$595.

i'm so in love with this's aluminum AND it folds up. i don't know why i'd want to fold up my desk, but now that i know desks CAN be folded...i want a foldable desk.

it's like camping! but comfortable.

dripping with glamour.

comfy AND beautiful.

and my all-time favorite of the day...


  1. I'd like that first chest in my room rather a lot now.

  2. What cool finds! I'm honored you included my dress here. You have me lusting after several pieces of furniture, most especially that striped dresser and the birch side table!

  3. karen - your dress is gorgeous! i'm so glad i found it!

  4. thank you, thank you for the knack love! I appreciate it so much!

    I love your place here!

    have a great day!