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john + christina | married!

these two lovebirds were married last weekend in the cutest of cute towns out there: clifton, virginia. with homes dating back to the 18th century, this charming place is a living and breathing time capsule. trummer’s on main is just plain adorable and their executive chef was named best new chef by food + wine magazine! all in all, not a bad place to be. 

john + christina fit perfectly in this cozy setting. as we strolled along the historic sites, people everywhere cheered and clapped. fellow fans of it’s always sunny, the four of us hit it off immediately...not to mention they made my job easy by being completely and utterly head over heels for each other. before the wedding john said, “most people get cold feet, right? but i’ve got HOT FEET. let’s do this!” 

congrats, you two!! 


  1. Love the pics! Heart in hand is my fav :-)

  2. thank you! me just screamed, "take mah pictah!"