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happy halloween! (almost)

still not sure what to be for halloween? here are some ideas:

a pizza. jon will show you:

david bowie.


corpse bride.

surfer guy...?

brigitte bardot.

a lamp.

harry potter.

a raison.

buddy holly.

frida kahlo.

a babushka.

joan jett.

block o' halloween (compliments of urban outfitters.)


1. hangover carlos tee, $24. 2. world's longest beard, $18. 3. monster sock, $8.
4. anna sui vivid lipstick, $25.  5.  holly readers, $14.  6. nyx special effect lashes, $10.
7. godzilla feet slippers, $44. 8. french maid costume tee, $32. 9. panda mask, $28.
10. penguin booty buddy, $68. 11. emergency clown nose, $11. 
12. vampire teeth double ring, $18.

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