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music done right.

don't get me wrong, i'm just as addicted to itunes as the next guy...but there's nothing like popping on an old record and listening to the imperfections in the vinyl. we bought ours impulsively from urban outfitters (i love it, of course, but wish we'd spent more time looking through vintage options...there's so many out there!) so just for you, i've compiled a few of my favorite old + new turntables on the market.

need records? check out joe's record paradise in silver spring, crooked beat records in adams morgan, or som records in northwest.

1. vintage 1950's webcor jubilee record player, $195.  2. vintage zenith portable record player, $78.  
3. vintage tele-tone portable record player, $40.  4. crosley varsity stack-o-matic record player, $170.  
5. vintage 1964 magnavox record player, $375.  6. crosley av room portable usb turntable, $160.  7. vintage general electric portable record player, $55.  8. technics direct drive turntable, $130.  9. restored vintage bakelite emerson record player, $245.  10. the crosley revolution, $150.  11. crosley mini-turntable, $85.  
12.  vintage 1953 playtime record player, $20.  13. vintage 1960's rca portable record player, $130.


  1. YAY for record players! you should do a post on "music that sounds better on vinyl" (aka most music). like brigitte bardot!

  2. yea, i think you're right. ALL music sounds better on vinyl!