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going retro.

looking for the perfect retro makeup? look no further.
what you’ll need to emulate this look: 
liquid eye can't go wrong with benefit's magic ink.
fake eyelashes...sephora has a plethora of eyelashes to choose from.
lots and lots of mascara...get happy with benefit's badgirl mascara in rich black.
rosy cheeks...benefit's perk-me-up face powder is delightful.
fill in those eyebrows...nars eyebrow pencil is pretty awesome.
ruby lips (optional)....for long-lasting color, try tarte's matte lip stain.

1 comment:

  1. legit, just bought that lip stain last night. come home to open it and it's fucking broken and now i have to exchange it. of course, the only sephora by me that sells it is an hour away. CUTE! ugh. really though, this makeup is the story of my fucking life. except, almay liquid eyeliner is perfection. no need to spend $25 on it. :)