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brian | sneak peek

brian is one of the toughest kids i’ve ever met. he’s only 5 and has survived more than most of us can dream. at 14 months he was diagnosed with langerhans cell histiocytosis and has undergone chemo every year since 2006. in june 2010, brian had brain surgery to remove a tumor. just a few weeks later, brian was chasing me around old town, searching for vampires (apparently they’re prevalent in alexandria), and eating a lollipop bigger than his face. he looooved jon and, by the look of things, the feeling was quite mutual. in july, brian will have some more testing, and, if the scans are clear, he’ll be able to start kindergarten! woohoo!

to learn more about this amazing kid and his equally amazing mom, or to donate to those affected by histiocytosis, please click here.

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