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stop the sellout. save the whales.


the international whaling commission (IWC) released a plan today that would violate the 1986 moratorium by allowing norway, iceland, and japan to legally engage in commercial whaling. if adopted, the plan would also authorize japan’s whaling in antarctica's southern ocean whale sanctuary and disregard IWC scientific procedures for determining sustainable whaling limits. 

“this plan is a whaler’s wish list,” said patrick ramage, IFAW’s whale program director. “it throws a lifeline to a dying industry when endangered whale populations face more threats than ever before. this would be a breathtaking reversal of decades of U.S. leadership and conservation progress at the IWC. 

during his campaign, president obama pledged to strengthen whale protection laws. to ensure he honors his promises, individuals of all ages, from all over, gathered on the mall yesterday to pledge their support for the maintenance of the moratorium and the end of commercial whaling for good. 

help protect our gentle giants. take action with IFAW.

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