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capital pride 2010.

based on fbi hate crime statistics, there were 7,163 reported hate crimes in 2005. of these crimes, 14.2% were based on the victim’s sexual orientation. most were violent in nature.

26% of gay teenagers are forced to leave home after coming out to their parents. of the 1.6 million homeless american youths, it is estimated that between 20% and 40% identify as lgbt.

as of 2010, lgbt citizens can still be fired based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in 30 states.

these are only a few of many shocking statistics. things need to change. thankfully, it seems we’re making progress. albeit slowly.

capital pride celebrated it’s 35th anniversary this year and i was one of thousands who sandwiched along the streets of downtown dc. the theme? you ain’t seen anything yet. i was giddy with excitement when i stepped off the metro into a sea of rainbow-clad people. while most seemed annoyed by the crowds, i couldn’t be happier. all these people are here to support gay rights i kept thinking. when i peeked through the masses at jon, he had this quiet smile on his face, and i knew he was thinking the same thing.

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  1. The "I love my gay son" image literally brought tears to my eyes. It is so insane that there are actually people out there who would either think these mothers don't or who have a gay son and actually don't love their children.

    Well, I love gay men too!! Obsessively :-)